The majority of girls are gifted a small drugstore makeup kit when they are younger. It usually involves purple eye shadow, cheap nail polish, headbands and a compact mirror;  whether it's from friends or family, we were all excited to look like the star we idolized in magazines. However, my parents were uncomfortable with their child wearing makeup at a young age. My parents taught me that makeup highlights beauty, but more importantly, that makeup was not a source of beauty or a way to feel beautiful. That being said, I was also taught that makeup could be worn for professional occasions.

Following my senior year of high school, I started wear makeup, and my interest developed as I attempted popular looks. Most days I didn’t touch my makeup bag. However, when it was time to go back to university that changed. 

Walking around campus with my friends, my friends and I sensed the professionalism students portrayed. We noticed business coats, Gucci belts and designer bags. While the occasional student was seen in plaid pajamas, most were dressed for success. As freshman, we felt the pressure to align especially if we wanted to make friends. And so, at different times throughout the semester, we complied.

Doing my makeup an hour before I had to leave was significantly dissimilar compared to my beauty routine only taking half the time. Walking around campus I would sometimes bump into a few childhood friends and they would notice and compliment my new appearance. Even when the common cold around midterms came, they said I looked well-rested. However, when I caught a cold, I pushed myself to go to class without concealing my tired eyes. Consequently, my new friends got used to me with a full face of makeup and professional demeanor. But as time goes on, I find that my perception of makeup has evolved.

I have realized that society and media like to dictate how youth should represent themselves. The most attractive perspectives of women are those that comply with the beauty standards created by society. I know I’m not the only one that gets an immediate boost of confidence when my hair and makeup are professionally done. Whether walking on campus or studying at a local coffee shop, I portray having my life together.

The reality is, the majority of women don’t wear makeup every day. The women that have the confidence to amble around campus with their face bare should be recognized as professionals as well. Besides, if someone doesn’t want to sit beside you in a lecture because your coat is not a designer, there are thousands of others that will. I am a true believer that beauty comes from the inside. Besides, it still baffles me how to do a cut crease with eye shadow! 

Lead Image Credit: Unsplash