1. Pack the week before LDOC. You only have 24 hours to move out after your last exam.

2. Go home one weekend before finals to take some of your stuff home and to bring back a bag or two to put stuff in. 

3. There are donation stations in every residence hall; give them your unneeded items. I promise you that you don't need every free thing you got at the various events you went to. 

4. Take a small time out of your weekends to take down decorations and items you won't need, like winter clothes.

5. Put some of your things in storage.

6. Use vacuum seal bags, or buy a few since we will be moving back in a few months.

7. Color code boxes/bags. 

8. Make sure to take EVERYTHING.

9. Eat or throw away the food in your fridge. 

10. Defrost your refrigerator about three days before moving. 

11. Don't enlist your whole family to help you move, dorm rooms are too small to have a lot of people in them.

12. Use your laundry basket to hold some of your clothes. 

13. Sell textbooks, so you don't have to take them home 

14. Remember to take out the trash, clean and check for damages, because you will be charged for something being broken or unclean.

Lead Image Credit: Unsplash