Congrats to all freshmen! We're officially done with our first semester of college. If you're anything like me, you're absolutely dumbfounded by how quickly it passed and by how you managed to come out the other side rather unscathed. By now you've probably figured out how often you need to study and where, or at least that you should study next semester. You know what your strengths are and have mostly learned how to manage school responsibilities as well as your social life. You may find yourself thinking that second semester has nothing on you, and that might be true, but it still can't hurt to hear from other tar heels that are more than 1/8 done with their undergrad schooling.

Many people find themselves joining countless clubs and organizations during their first semester which is great! College is supposed to be when you expose yourself to new experiences, but senior Debbie Coggins (management and society major) suggests narrowing your scope during your second semester. "First semester is all about doing all the things and second semester is about committing to them." You may realize you only joined a club because your friend wanted you to, or that you thought you'd enjoy volunteering for a certain organization only to bored out of your mind by it. That's okay, interests change. Always remember to "take a look around and see what you're really interested in." This way you won't be overwhelmed and you'll be able to fully dedicate yourself to what you think matters.

Debbie also stressed the importance of getting to know an upperclassman well if you can. Aside from being a source of advice when you can't call your parents, an upperclassman can help you fight boredom. "They'll give you some great advice on places to go or even things they wish they had done as a freshman!" If you're lucky, they might even lead you to Gimghoul castle.

Second semester isn't all about doing things you enjoy and creating deeper bonds, though. As you already know, classes at UNC aren't effortless and professors won't give you slack as Abby Middleton, a senior majoring in public policy, reminds us.

But Claire Fayssoux (senior, elementary education) says not to worry. "Second semester is really nice because you're not adjusting to the newness of college life anymore." She reasons that because of this, "you just get to focus on the academics" and that "even if your classes are harder [second semester] feels easier."

With these bits of advice in mind, go forth and conquer second semester. Stay positive and stay motivated. Before you know it, you'll be done with your entire first year of college!

Lead Image Credit: Eric Rothermel