Thanksgiving break is probably one of the biggest blessings a student is given after a long term of projects, essays and finals. It's the routine cycle that never ends! It's the day on a student's calendar that they can't wait to be here. However, they're also aware of the real storm: approaching final exams, projects and essay deadlines. You should ignore this storm, stop getting anxious about it and just focus on the bright side of this break. So, here are 7 fun things that you can do over Thanksgiving break that will make you realize how blissful this break is rather than stressful.

1. Catch up with family members.

You’ve been away from home for a while, so you probably missed out on your sister's new crush or your brother's new sports hobby. Being away from family members makes us appreciate them even more. Sitting down and listening to all the drama or exciting adventures that they’ve been through while you were gone is definitely worth the time. It’ll allow you to share your experiences and bond with your family as you all share laughter or whatever mixed emotions you have.

2. Go Camping.

Since Thanksgiving break is associated with turkey, then why not elevate the dining experience? Prepare the sandwiches you’ll be eating and pack your bag along with those who are accompanying you. Sharing these little moments are a huge opportunity for you to bond more and laugh excessively. Messing up someone's sandwich by putting hummus instead of mayonnaise, or ketchup instead of tomatoes can sure make you laugh at how silly one’s actions are when you're socializing with close friends.

As you go camping, you can do bonfires, go on canoe rides or even just enjoy the fact that you’re in nature. These moments will definitely prep you up for the end of the school year and motivate you to finish at your best potential.

3. Start with those deadlines.

If you’re anxious about your workload that’s due after break, then start doing it now! Personally, each year I use Thanksgiving break as an opportunity to write my essays and start with my final art projects all at my own pace. Instead of having to worry about writing a 14-page essay in two days, I can finish it over the break, along with the two or three days of school the week before the deadline. That’s sufficient time for you to get started without having to pull any all-nighters, gain a coffee addiction or start binge-eating to get through it. You can literally start and finish it just while sitting on your comfortable couch at home while in your pajamas or even enjoying some fresh baked pumpkin pie.

4. Travel.

If you’re an international student that feels homesick and Thanksgiving is just a reminder that you’re far away from home until late-December, then leaving your university’s state is probably a good idea. Choose a state that you’ve never been to or where your high school friends go to school. Visiting your high school friends who are attending university in other states is super fun. You get to update each other about your “adult/uni life” as well as reminisce over the good old high school days. These trips are always filled with a sense of home that will help you get through the last few weeks before Christmas break.

If traveling is too expensive for you at the moment, then plan with your friends to go on a road trip around your state (if it’s big like Illinois or California), or drive to surrounding states. Blasting throwback songs, recent hits or your favorite squad songs while roaming around is always a classic when it comes to having fun during the free time.

5. Bake, cook and eat!

Since it’s food season, give it a shot and try baking a cake, cookies or whatever food you feel like eating. You are probably sick and tired of the dry oatmeal cookies or saggy cheeseburgers offered at the cafeteria, so why not compensate such sad stories by cooking your favorite food. Baking and cooking on your own or with others creates this positive vibe in the house that you sure need to pump you up before starting with your deadlines.

6. Create cute cards and gifts.

Since it’s the time where you share your blessings and how thankful you are for others, then it’ll be cute if you make a card for your family members, friends, significant other, etc. expressing how thankful you are for them. Showing gratitude and compassion brings back positive energy to you and it sends off endless love to the universe. These positive vibes that gifts and cards create always help to maintain relationships and serve as a reminder that distance has no barrier. Spending time creating a presentable card or choosing a memorable gift helps time pass joyfully.

7. Prepare your Thanksgiving meal.

If your mom or dad is cooking this Thanksgiving, help them with it! If you’re invited to Thanksgiving dinner, cook something and bring it with you for them! If you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in your own household but your friends or neighbors are, ask to join and offer to bring something cooked or baked by you. These small gestures will sure spread the whole Thanksgiving spirit and serve as fun memories as you try to bake your grandma's delicious cookies but failing to do so, or enjoying experimenting with your fridge and creating untraditional Thanksgiving meals.

Be creative, be wild and be kind. Enjoy these few days of fresh air before your deadlines and enjoy the memories being made with your special ones. Thanksgiving break is a chance for you to catch up with friends, family, life and your workload. So start your countdown because this Thanksgiving break is going be unconventional! Oh, and don’t forget to always be thankful.

Lead Image Credit: Unsplash