College is expensive, that’s no secret, but your fun doesn’t have to end just because tuition was paid. For all of my fellow broke college students, here are some ideas to eventfully spend your free time, without breaking your bank.

Free Fun

1. Just dance

No Wii? No Problem. Grab a friend and your laptop. Watching YouTube videos of Just Dance is so fun, especially given that you have a wide variety of nearly every just dance ever made. Not to mention, it’s a great workout.

2. Game Room

If your college has a game room, take a trip to play air hockey, billiards, Mario Cart and some good old fashioned board games.

3. Karaoke

Sing your heart out to your favorite songs. Just be sure to be respectful of the people around you, especially if it’s at night or during a major testing week.

4. Generic Sleepover

We’ve all seen the movies of girls doing each other’s make-up, putting on face masks, and gorging on snacks as they watch a movie or talk all night. The stereotypical idea that that’s all girls do while together is horribly mistaken. However, having a night with your best friends and practicing self care is not just something fun to do, it’s something that everyone need to relax and refresh.

5. Statue Hunt


Have you ever walked around your campus and noticed how many statues decorate the grounds? Take the time to go out on a search for all of the statues and art fixtures on your campus and keep a photo album to remember the adventure.

6. Movie Night

Host a movie night for a few of your friends complete with all the snacks you all can gather together and a few that you bought from the campus convenience store. Go crazy with an extreme franchise marathon, a double feature or a Disney sing-along.

7. Attend a Sports Game

If you get free tickets to your college sports games, why not spend a day rooting for your classmates? Attend a game that you’ve never seen or find an interesting club sport like quidditch.

8. Swim Center

If your campus has a swim center, take a dip in the pool one day, even if it’s not summer.

Cheap Fun

1. Roller Skating

This retro pastime is under $10 to rent some skates and roll the night away. If you are able to cheaply get to a rink, why not.

2. Ice Skating

If your looking for something a little cooler than roller skating, ice skating is in the same price range as roller skating.

3. Bowling

With a group of friends, bowling can be as cheap as $5 per person for a good hour of fun. Couple a few games with nachos to share, and you are bound to have a good time.

4. Fruit Picking

If you can travel to a local farm, fruit picking is a healthy and wholesome activity. As you walk through the fields, you can take Instagram-able photos, taste different produce, and only pay for what you take out.

5. Half Apps

From Applebee’s to Green Turtle to TGI Fridays, a lot of chain restaurants near college campuses offer deals on appetizers for customers who visit after a certain time. Typically, after 9 p.m., you can order half priced or endless appetizers.

6. Diner

Small business diners are typically very affordable. If you ever want breakfast for dinner or find yourself at the crack of dawn after pulling an all-nighter, why not grab a few friends and stack of pancakes at your local diner.

7. Craft and Sip

With $20, you can go to any craft store and buy the supplies to make something great. Whether it be paint, brushes, and a canvas or a jewelry making kit, you can find cheap materials that will occupy your night. Pair that with a the ingredients to make a mocktail, and you are set for a relaxing craft night.

Now, go enjoy your weekends without feeling guilty to your bank account!

Lead Image Credit: Pexels