I can’t even begin to describe the feelings that filled room 307 on March 27th, as the Tar Heels advanced to the final four. All I remember was being mid scream when I realized that it was well past quiet hours. In all honesty, part of me didn’t even care. If I was going to get kicked out of my residence hall, it was going to be for showing my excitement on our win. After I got most of my excitement out, I realized that this only meant I’d be stressed yet again on April 2nd.

We’ve surely seen different sides of the Heels this season. There have been games in which we would have loved to call a timeout, pull the team to the side and ask if they were ready to get their head in the game. An example of this would be the first time we played Duke during regular season in which we took a devastating “L” by a single point. During most of the second half, I reached a new level of anxious.

We now had to take on Syracuse. Not to brag or anything, but this was a predicted encounter by the “Melari” bracket that yours truly put together. The Tar Heels took on Syracuse twice during regular season and happily handed Syracuse an “L” each time.  However, this is not a reason to be at ease. This is March Madness, where anything can happen. 

The Tar Heels beat Syracuse 84-73 during the first game on January 9th. UNC had a 52.5 FG% while Syracuse only had a 42.9 FG%. Both teams had a low three-point percentage with UNC at 18.8% and Syracuse at 29%.

During the second confrontation, UNC beat Syracuse 75-70. UNC was at a 41.2 FG% and Syracuse at 41.1 FG%. Both teams had an improved three-point percentage from their previous confrontation. UNC stood at 24% while Syracuse stood at 25%.

The statistics for the 2015-2016 season for both teams are as follows.

UNC               47.9FG%           31.43PT%

Syracuse       42.7FG%           36.13PT%

UNC falls behind Syracuse when it comes to three-point percentages each time.

Personally, I’d like to see what we saw on March 27th, when it was raining three-pointers. Shout out to Marcus Paige, AKA The GOAT. 

The best way to prevent us from having extremely high levels of anxiety Saturday night, would be to give us consistency. We believe in our boys and we know they can do it!

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Will Angry Brice show up? Will Marcus Paige make it rain three-pointers? Will the Tar Heels advance to the championship game? Find out April 2nd at 8:49 on TBS.

Note to fellow Tar Heels: If you plan on going out to celebrate on Saturday night, be safe! Remember to take into consideration the email you received earlier from UNC.

*All statistics were taken from ESPN*

Leading Image Credit: Robert Willett