“Go to Hell Duke!”

This resounding quote is shouted at the end of the UNC Alma Mater. While it is widely understood that UNC and Duke have one of the greatest collegiate rivalries in the nation, many incoming freshmen find themselves asking, “Why?” I set off to answer this very question.

As I walked around campus interviewing fellow first year students, I was bombarded with a variety of answers, but the passion behind these responses never wavered. Many students appeared to show resentment towards Duke student’s attitudes. “You have to pay three times as much without getting any of the great stuff at UNC, it’s like being pretentious for a knockoff,” claimed UNC freshman John Biondi. A fellow student, named Robert exclaimed that, “the only thing you get by going to Duke over UNC is less money.”

There was an overwhelming consensus among students concerning the arrogant nature of Duke causing resentment. But beyond academics, the very heart of this fabled rivalry lay on the hardwood courts of the universities. A main part of UNC culture is composed of the sports teams with special emphasis on the historic basketball programs. Being a fan only intensifies this feeling of hatred. Nicho, one particularly avid basketball fan, stated that “[Duke students] are a bunch of classless people who play sports in a dirt way and Coach K looks like a ferret.” Many fellow classmates believe that Duke athletes often play dirty in the classic UNC v. Duke games and this has led to the derogatory term “Dook” becoming predominant on campus.

It is clear that this rivalry runs deep and forces strong emotions to surface. Go Tar Heels and as always, Go to Hell Duke!

Lead Image Credit: Flicker