As UNC student's, we love to brag about Michael Jordan A LOT. So much that it might be annoying to some, but, to us, it's second nature. We do love our school, regardless of our notable alumnus, but sometimes, weird stuff happens that can only be explained in Jordan memes. 

1. When the professor calls on you to speak, but you weren't raising your hand.

"Who, me?"


2. When someone tries to argue with the Pit Preacher.

"Why are you even trying?"


3. When "that kid" reminds the professor about the homework assignment

"Why do you hate us?"


4. When you miss Puppies in the Pit because you had class.

"Need, More, PUPPIES."


5. Anytime someone from DOOK tries to say that their school is better.

"Never forget, we're..."


6. When you witness someone trip over a brick.

"Here, let me help you."


7. When you have two midterms, three papers and a group project and it's only Wednesday.

"I will survive...maybe."


8. When you see a squirrel in general.

"Why are you so weird?"


9. When someone gives you a weird look for getting four plates of food at Ram's Head.

 "What can I say? I need to eat."


10. When someone reserves a group study room, but only for themselves.

"Do you see this? This is a group: two or more people. One person is not a group."


11. When the stress finally gets to you, so you start doing weird things in your dorm room.

"Dancing with an umbrella is totally normal. Don't judge."


12. When you realize you go to the best school ever.

"It truly is a great day to be a Tar Heel."

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