Since enrollment for the Spring semester is rapidly approaching, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about some very special classes at UNC. I can speak from experience when I say that it is perfectly OK to take a "fun" class each semester. I did not this semester and I spent all of October hyped up on Mountain Dew as I struggled to make it through midterms. You have plenty of time to take all of the required courses in your major, so why not take a few classes simply because they're fun? Also, some of these classes may count toward your major requirements.

I have compiled a list of five of some of the most relevant, quirkiest and most fun classes at UNC that I highly recommend you sign up for:

DRAM 135- Acting for the Non-Majors:

The name says it all. You do not have to have any sort of experience to join and the class revolves around basic acting skills for the stage. This class is typically one credit hour and will most likely not count toward your major, but DRAM 135 could be a nice way to end the day after you've spent hours working on Calculus or French homework.

ENGL 64- First Year Seminar: Ethics & Children's Literature:

I chose this class because I think it is important that all first-years take advantage of First Year Seminars. I would take this class if you're interested in literature and, because the class revolves around Children's Literature, the reading will most likely be much less intimidating. This class fulfills your Literary Arts & North Atlantic World general education requirement. (Also, don't forget that you can take two FYS's per semester.)

LFIT 129- Lifetime Fitness: Downhill Skiing & Snowboarding:

Yes the dreaded LFIT that you are putting off until the last minute. Don't fear this class because, at the end of the semester, you get to take a trip to the Appalachian Mountains where you can put your skiing and snowboarding skill to the test. (This class does have a fee for the trip to the mountains.)

MUSC 157- Rap Lab (Originally MUSC 283):

When it comes to rapping, I'm about as unskilled as they come, but this class is for students who wish to either pursue a career as an EMCEE or just want to learn how to rap. Students will also explore the history of hip-hop from around the world. This class is three credit hours and will fulfill the Visual or Performing Arts general education requirement. 

PSYC 50- First-Year Seminar: Stress Management:  

This class may not be the most fun, but I think that it is the most relevant to First Years. I know that I was under a lot of stress and I wish I had known this class existed when I was enrolling for the fall. As college students, it is so important that we learn how to handle our stress from the very beginning because our classes will only get more difficult and more time consuming as the years go by.

I found a myriad of classes that I wanted to take and now my shopping cart is full, but part of enrollment is going out and finding classes that interest you. I hope my list helped, but, if it didn't, go into ConnectCarolina and browse all of the courses until you find one that best fits your personality. Don't be afraid to take a class that's outside of your field of study because you have four years here at Carolina and you should expand your class list outside of what is expected by your major.

Lead Image Credit: Carolina Undergraduate Admissions